Don’t Change To Make Someone Happy.

We don’t need to change to please other people.  One of the most freeing things we learn in life it that we don’t have to like everyone and everyone doesn’t have to like us, and it’s perfectly OK. As mother Teresa famously said, “some people come in our life as blessings. Some come in yourContinue reading “Don’t Change To Make Someone Happy.”

Are You Self Aware?

Self-awareness is the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognise oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals.It is not to be confused with consciousness in the sense of qualia. While consciousness is being aware of one’s environment and body and lifestyle, self-awareness is the recognition of that awareness.Self-awareness is howContinue reading “Are You Self Aware?”

Kindness Is A Strength.

When you are kind to others it not only changes you, it changes the world. Kindness is the ability and desire to have a positive impact on others. Kindness is extending yourself in a way that uplifts another human being.  It is a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and concern and considerationContinue reading “Kindness Is A Strength.”

The Unjoys Of Parenting.

Raising children is hard, and any parent who says differently is lying. Parenting is emotional and intellectually draining, and it often requires professional sacrifice and serious financial hardship. Kids are needy and demanding from the moment of their birth to….well, forever. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids and will do anything for themContinue reading “The Unjoys Of Parenting.”

Why Practice Compassion?

Compassion is the sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of there. Compassion literally means “to suffer together”. Among emotion researchers, it is defined as the feeling that arises when you are confronted with another’s suffering and feel motivated to relieve that suffering. Compassion is not the same as empathy or altruism, thoughContinue reading “Why Practice Compassion?”

Be Proud Of Yourself Today If……

You got out of bed, brushed your teeth, ate a meal, showered or bathed, cleaned up your room, drank water or just breathed today.  Simple accomplishments deserve recognition. We put so much pressure on ourselves everyday to achieve great things and we forget all the little things that we accomplish that then lead us toContinue reading “Be Proud Of Yourself Today If……”

Is Worrying About Other People’s Opinions Ruining Your Life??

Should others people’s opinions and admiration matter, when it comes to anything that you do in life? We all need to belong. We seem to have a deep need to be a part of units or communities and to be accepted, approved of, and then even admired. However this often leads to people worrying tooContinue reading “Is Worrying About Other People’s Opinions Ruining Your Life??”