Worst Mistake You Can Make As An Entrepreneur.

A salary is a drug they give you when they want you to forget about your dreams. The fear of failure in an entrepreneurs path, is the most important motivator they have got. This is because they start their journey by saying i am going to quit the security of a salary.  This is becauseContinue reading “Worst Mistake You Can Make As An Entrepreneur.”

How to manage sibling rivalry?

Sibling rivalry, aaaaaaah!!!! If you a parent or relative or friend to anyone with siblings who constantly fight, or you are a sibling who fought constantly, you know where i am coming from.   Sibling rivalry is a type of competition or animosity among siblings. Siblings generally spend more time together during childhood than theyContinue reading “How to manage sibling rivalry?”

What to do instead of Complaining.

Everyone needs to vent occasionally. But is complaining helpful and does it work?  Complaining changes the balance of negative/positive energy and for a brief moment at least, we feel better. Its actually a pretty reliable process. Addictive even. Which is a problem (beyond even the wasted time). Like just about all addictions we are feedingContinue reading “What to do instead of Complaining.”

Self doubt and how it can affect your success.

We have all been there. At some point in our lives, we question ourselves. Are we doing good enough? Should we be doing all the things we are doing, should we listen to all the people that are saying we are wrong? A certain level of self doubt is good because it indicates you understandContinue reading “Self doubt and how it can affect your success.”

What is an invisible disability. Should you be treated differently because of it?

My 10 year old son is autistic, this diagnosis is not a problem, in fact it is a relief because it helps to make sense of how he views and responds to the world.  The problem is everybody else or more specifically the people around him that do not understand his disability and how toContinue reading “What is an invisible disability. Should you be treated differently because of it?”

Why It’s Important To Talk About Mental Health.

Hello and welcome back to Mental Wellness Cindy or if its your first time welcome. My focus in all the content i am putting out is to leverage the power of story telling to promote social change around the importance of everyone’s entitlement to good mental and mental health support. Talking about mental health hasContinue reading “Why It’s Important To Talk About Mental Health.”

How To Co Parent With A Difficult Ex.

Co parenting with an ex can be a stressful and emotional endeavour, even when things are civil. Unfortunately, it is common that breakups are rough, and the co-parenting relationship involves friction, arguments, disagreements about parenting choices, general opposition, manipulation and so on. A difficult ex” can describe several personality types, and if you are dealingContinue reading “How To Co Parent With A Difficult Ex.”