How to rediscover yourself after a breakup.

Once in a while, you meet someone who turns your world upside down. It seems like the sole purpose this person has come in your life is to make you question everything you believed could be possible in life. You are madly in love. Your mind is mush and you cannot think straight. You cannotContinue reading “How to rediscover yourself after a breakup.”

How to find balance in life.

Highly successful people measure themselves on key elements such as Health, Family, Social, Financial, Business, and Spiritual. This is a lot for any single person to do and if not managed properly can result in poor work-life balance.Having a good balance in your life makes you a better leader and helps towards making you aContinue reading “How to find balance in life.”

How to deal with self sabotage

No one wants to do things that are difficult or a struggle or outside of our comfort zones. So we tend to self sabotage.  Some of the signs of self sabotage are: 1) Procrastination- which is the action of delaying or postponing something.  2) Breaking promises to yourself. 3) Refusing to seek support, even whenContinue reading “How to deal with self sabotage”

How To Critically Solve Problems.

You can’t stop the waves , but you can learn to surf. Changes, challenges and problems can arise at any time, whether you like it or not! So it’s important to identify the things that you can and cannot control.  Imagine a difficult situation you have encountered today or at any other time. How didContinue reading “How To Critically Solve Problems.”

How to stop your insecurities from holding you back.

Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities. Do you find yourself dwelling on negative thoughts about your self, repeatedly putting yourself down, criticising yourself, comparing yourself to other people you think are perfect? When you make a mistake, do you think it’s absolutely awful, that anyone else would have done a better job,Continue reading “How to stop your insecurities from holding you back.”

10 Rules For Success In Life And Business.

1) Nothing In life is free. Nothing happens overnight, and in case you missed it. There is no overnight success. 2) Execute Your Ideas. 3) Bet on your strengths. 4) Put business in perspective. 5) Do not overlook storytelling. 6) Care about your customers. 7) Stick to what you know. 8) Do the things thatContinue reading “10 Rules For Success In Life And Business.”