STOP Fighting Inadequate People!

So, what do you do if you find that you have encountered a situation which, if you are not careful, may have you wrestling with pigs or worse yet already in the mud? 

Do you respond or leave the pigs to it?

A popular metaphorical adage warns individuals not to engage with disreputable critics. In other words-Do not wrestle with pigs. You both get filthy, and the pig likes it. 

Some suggestions of what to do instead are:

#1-Do not go anywhere near the pigsty If it looks like a pig, smells like a pig and acts like a pig; it is a pig.

#2-(For those who ignored #1) – Wear old clothing. Do not come to the first meeting in your new suit. In other words, do not reveal everything you know. Let them think you are a pig too.

#3 – Wash yourself off frequently – After each encounter review your purpose and your goals and decide if another meeting is going to accomplish anything.

#4 – Know when the stink will not wash off – Recognize when it is time to walk away. Always know when to walk away.

Dealing with inadequate people can be very frustrating, especially with those who from time to time you are forced to deal with. Be patient. Remember the old saying; “give a man enough rope and he will eventually hang himself.”

In any event, try to avoid wrestling with pigs!

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