How to deal with expectations.

Have you ever thought about why during the flight safety procedures they tell you if the oxygen masks are activated put on your mask first before helping anyone else including your children?

Well that is because for you to be able to help others around you or to be able to meet their expectations you need to be healthy enough to do so. Expectations make us suffer. They make you feel like you’re living someone else’s life. This is because they allow other people to determine your choices.

Pleasing other people is like chasing a moving target. Everyone has different hopes for you. Expectations are also an illusion. By trying to please everyone, we end up pleasing no one, ourselves included. 

That is why most people do not live the life they want. Everyone feels frustrated and disappointed. We do live our lives trying to fulfil expectation, both our own and others.

Sometimes they can be daunting, but ignoring them will not make them go away. You need to learn how to deal with them , And rise to the challenge so what steps can you take to do this: 

1- keep your promises but be aware of exceeding them – exceeding expectations is not necessarily better than meeting them. 

2- do not confuse expectations for reality – just because you’re expected to get married and have children does not necessarily mean that it is going to happen or that you need to do it.

3 – discuss with others to clarify their expectations – expectations are abstract, not always clearly defined or expressed. So by talking them through you will get more clarity. 

4 – give yourself credit for the steps you take towards complete success – the small successes add up. 

5 – keep a goal journal – it will help you gain insight and understanding into which expectations are realistic and which are not. 

6 – delegate whenever you can – there are some things you cannot control let go and allow yourself to relax.

Importantly give yourself a break. Don’t let your mind settle on what you could be doing but instead see value in relaxation. 

Life is like a fragile glass, it will break sooner or later rather than expecting things to happen one way, enjoy them for what they are and while they last.

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