You Are Not Alone.

Being alone and feeling alone are very different things. You could be surrounded by a lot of people and still feel very alone. 

You could be in a marriage or relationship and still feel very alone. I have been through this in my now ended marriage. 

The struggle is real. The causes for these feelings of loneliness are numerous and different for everyone. It could be that you are depressed, stressed, unwell or have a disability are just different in ways that the people around you don’t understand. This can cause you to feel alone.

My call to action to is for anyone who is now at the point where because of that loneliness you are considering or thinking about suicide. Then please get help, reach out. 

You are not alone there are people out there who care and want to help or just be a shoulder to cry on. Get in touch. 

I know the feeling I have been there it can seem like everything is pointless, but it is not. You matter too. 

If you think you know someone who is struggling reach out to them, you never know who’s suffering silently. Your kindness can save lives.

If you are feeling alone and need someone to talk to get in touch with me. My inbox is always open if anyone needs to talk!

You Are Not Alone.

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