Worst Mistake You Can Make As An Entrepreneur.

A salary is a drug they give you when they want you to forget about your dreams. The fear of failure in an entrepreneurs path, is the most important motivator they have got. This is because they start their journey by saying i am going to quit the security of a salary. 

This is because it is very easy to stay in that world where somebody is mitigating your risk. You just have to perform certain tasks, do them well for a third of your  day and they will feed you a salary and you do not have to think about anything else and that for a lot of people works. There is nothing wrong with that, great employees are extremely valuable to building enterprises. But when you leave that path you put at risk income that you need to eat with, and that fear of failure is an extremely motivating factor to keep you going on this different journey.

So how is an entrepreneur defined , it is somebody that understands that they are responsible for every single failure and everything stops at them. They are somebody who needs to figure something out. Its somebody who thinks outside the box and when everyone else says no they say yes.

Entrepreneurship gives you freedom and the ability to be your own boss. However as an entrepreneur you can make mistakes, and the worst mistake you can make is to not admit your failures and continue to try and resusitate a project with yours and other peoples money. Have a time limit for every project. 3-5 years is what most gurus suggest.

So what indicators can you use to measure success? This is different for different people. It could be the money you are making or that the idea is getting traction with the customers or how many people use the platform. But when something does not work out embrace the failure, embrace the lose and remember the lessons of why it failed. Then move on to the next thing. 

Do not let failure demotivate you. This message is important because 80-90% of start ups fail. Realise something is not working before it kicks you out of the game for GOOD! You can recover from small mistakes.

Entrepreneurship is about taking responsibility for your actions and understanding that there are many people that will help you in regards to your success, but only you will be the one that is responsible for your failures.

So just remember you might not succeed at first but even the best entrepreneurs failed at first, so go ahead and take your swings it is what the greats do.

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