Why you should plan for 2020 now!

The end of the year is fast approaching and with it, comes an opportunity to reflect on 2019. What has gone well, what could have gone better and what just did not work. Setting goals and having a plan, generally around how you are going to execute any project, like this years Christmas party so you stay on budget and have enough food to eat and enough to drink on the day will work better with a plan. It won’t guarantee the day itself will go as planned though.

On a more serious note having a plan for your life and the goals you want to achieve in 2020 will help you define the full scope of what you want to achieve, it will also help you stay focused, set goals and objectives meet deadlines, measure success. It will also help with time management as you will be able to prioritise what is important to you to achieve first.

So if your goal/resolution is weight loss say, having a very plan will enable you to be clear about how much weight you want to lose, the best way to lose that weight, the resources and life style changes required for that, and a realistic timeframe for how long that is going to take.

If your goal is buying a house, a plan will help you be clear about the houses you can afford, where, how much deposit you will need the mortgages you can get and all the different steps of buying a property.

If your goal is starting a business, a plan will help you to be clear about the type of business, the start up costs, your niche market, the time you will need to put in to getting the business going and making it profitable.

If your goal is improving your mental wellness a plan will help with identifying where you are currently and the different strategies you need to employ on a regular basis, where to get support, life style changes that are required and how to measure if it is working.

When making your plan do not get too caught up with being too detailed, as that will put you off. Plan in a way that works for you. Then if something in the plan is not working change it to something that works for you. Also seek help if you need it .

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