What is an invisible disability. Should you be treated differently because of it?

My 10 year old son is autistic, this diagnosis is not a problem, in fact it is a relief because it helps to make sense of how he views and responds to the world. 

The problem is everybody else or more specifically the people around him that do not understand his disability and how to support him. He is currently on the verge of being permanently excluded from school, which in itself is not a bad thing as he will stop experiencing daily trauma in that environment. This is because he keeps walking out of the class room and having “melt downs” because of he is having sensory overload. Autism is what i class as one of the invisible disabilities. 

In my sons case he is classed as a high functioning autistic, because he can read, is verbal and to a certain extent can keep up with the school curriculum. The problem with this is everyone expects him to be able to understand all social rules and ques. Then when he does not which is often he is labelled as naughty.

This is the sad true story of his life. My son is the most loving, caring and sociable young boy you will ever meet, but sometimes things just get a bit difficult to process and he lashes out as a way of communicating his distress. He is unfortunately as was the case last week, then labelled a danger to himself and other people. Simply because the people that are supposed to be supporting him do not understand that in those moments they need to be communicating with him differently to help him calm his senses down. instead they overload him more.

I worry every second for my sons future and i know i am not alone in that. We need to change how we treat people with invisible disabilities. 

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