The Unjoys Of Parenting.

Raising children is hard, and any parent who says differently is lying. Parenting is emotional and intellectually draining, and it often requires professional sacrifice and serious financial hardship. Kids are needy and demanding from the moment of their birth to….well, forever.

Don’t get me wrong I love my kids and will do anything for them but being a parent is hard work. I don’t believe I am alone in thinking that. Being a parent is more about giving than receiving. Firstly that’s fair enough as the children did not ask to be born, we asked for that!!

Study after study has shown that parents, compared to adults without kids, experience

1) Lower emotional well being 

2) Fewer positive feelings

3) More negative ones 

4) Have unhappier marriages 

5) Suffer more from depression 

Yet many of these same parents continue to insist that their children are an essential source of happiness. Indeed that a life without children is a life unfulfilled. 

I am one of these parents. I do not remember what my life was like before I had children. My days are now filled with endless negotiations and compromise. I feel more like a slave than a mum. I have learnt to sacrifice a lot of my time for my kids. 

I have had to change mentally and emotionally to accommodate them. It is hard. Believe me the struggle is real. But if you asked me if I would do it all again the answer will always be a resounding YES!!

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