Speak Up About Your Mental Health

It is very important to join the conversation about mental health. Most importantly it’s imperative that we all speak up when our mental health is affected.

Your mental health could be affected by the things people around you do, or by the situ is you are living in.

If people around you are doing or saying things that affect you speak up. If you feel they will understand and try to change their actions, speak directly to them. 

However if you don’t feel safe doing so then, speak to a friend, your doctor or a mental health professional who will be able to help you. 

As a society we need to change our attitude towards mental health and people with mental health issues. Social services needs to stop demonising parent with mental health issues. Instead they should support them so their children will have better outcomes.

Employers need to look after the mental health of their employees without penalising them.

As friends and family we need to take the time to ask each other how we are feeling and be prepared to help. 

We all need to STOP the stigma around mental health because it will save a lot of lives, currently lost because people feel alone and unable to speak up.

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