Is Living In The Past Affecting Your Life?

For me today has been a day of reflection as it is my birthday. I always use this day as an opportunity to look at the year just gone and what I have achieved or not.

The important part of this process though is not to get caught up in dwelling on the past. As this might affect your progress, particularly if the year was not good for you. Instead look back with a clear reason of learning from mistakes as well as from your successes.

There is a quote I love which is:

Yesterday is History

Tomorrow is a Mistery

Today is the Present o a Gift

And for me this quote reminds me to live life in the present,  today. Of course plan for the future but don’t get lost with it. 

Enjoy your children today. Enjoy your partner today. Enjoy your family today. Enjoy your life today. Because nobody knows what tomorrow brings. Also because you cannot change the past.

If it’s your birthday as well today Happy Birthday and I hope you have a fantastic day.

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