Is fear affecting your life?

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Your fear of losing is holding you back from trying. I wanted to talk about this today because, from a very young age I convinced myself for what ever reason, bad experience or another persons fears that I had a fear of heights. 

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So because I was very sure I had this fear I allowed it to hold me back from experiencing life, activities and new opportunities. I did not travel the world as much as I could have. I did not go on things like the London eye for example. The answer without even trying was always a solid NO! 

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Then as I have become more self aware I challenge myself daily by putting myself in situations and by trying new experiences that initially cause me fear. And not just a little bit of fear but a lot of fear. As part of this journey I decided to go on the London eye. Something I had always greatly feared

I think you can guess what happened. Firstly I clearly did not die. I am still alive and able to share my experience with you all, but most importantly I finally realised I actually do not have a fear of heights. It was all in my mind, all this time. 

Finally truly knowing this was very disappointing because I have held myself back,  because of this perceived  fear for many many years. What I have learnt from this that i want to share in the hope it will help you too, is. 

Even if something scares you give it a go anyway, because you might surprise yourself and find out that you actually really enjoy it. Like I did. I am planning another trip to the London eye an other adventures. I am moving forward and not allowing my fears to determine my life journey. I will at least now try most things once. 

If you want to win in life, fall in love with conquering your fear of losing, because most people are scared of it.

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