How to find balance in life.

Highly successful people measure themselves on key elements such as Health, Family, Social, Financial, Business, and Spiritual. This is a lot for any single person to do and if not managed properly can result in poor work-life balance.
Having a good balance in your life makes you a better leader and helps towards making you a better person.

Of course sometimes we all need to put ourselves out of balance for a time. You will know heading into most situations that you are going to go out of balance. The trick is to be conscious about that and know what you are sacrificing in the bargain. Then, once the goal is achieved, you should have a plan to get back into balance as quickly as possible.

So why is having good balance in life important?

Because poor work life balance can lead to some serious consequences such as:

1) Fatigue: If you are tired it reduces your ability to work productively and think clearly. This can take a toll on your professional reputation.

2) Health: Long working hours can cause stress which may have adverse effects on ones immune system. Stress also puts one at risk of substance abuse.

3) No time for family: Working long hours or overtime might make you miss important family moments and events. This can leave you feeling left out and damage relationships.

4) Increased expectations:Working extra hours might lead to you taking on extra responsibility. This can cause extra stress and challenges that one will have a really hard time facing.

So some tips to enable you to live a balanced life are:

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1) Take care of and nurture yourself: You can not accomplish anything if you are unhealthy. Get plenty of rest, exercise and eat properly.

2) Know what your priorities are: Balance does not entail cramming in every activity possible. Examine your values and decide what’s important to you, then set boundaries.

3) Create an efficient mindset: Be organised and plan ahead. Take time at the beginning of each week to assess what needs to be done.

4) Expect the unexpected: Rather than get stressed and upset, learn to roll with the punches when something over which you have no control happens.

5) Maintain a positive mental attitude: Begin each day with the intention of making the best and most of it. It may not always go as planned, but it can go more smoothly if you put it in perspective.

While we cannot anticipate and plan for everything in our lives, we can decide how, where and when to concentrate our energies. This may require some critical thinking and problem solving, but in the end it will lead to much less stress and a well balanced life.

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