Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Patience is a virtue. A saying we have all heard many times. 

Not always easy to practice, but from personal experiences I know it certainly is worth the wait in many situations.

We are now a society that lives on fast forward everything has to happen now. Why wait right??

If you want food and can’t be bothered to cook, get a takeaway. And if you don’t even want to pick up the takeaway get it delivered. 

Want a car or a nice holiday get a credit card and pay for it on that. No need to save.

The problem with this impatience though is we then expose ourselves to situations we have not quite matured enough to deal with sensibly.

So the result is we then become overwhelmed and in a lot of cases end up in much worse situation than where we started.

Take time to get to know your new partner in a new relationship before having children or making a marriage commitment.

Save for the car or the house, instead of using credit you cannot afford.

Be patient with building your business as it time and you will be amazed with the results.

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