Divorce Good or Bad

Divorce can be seen as the end of an era, of hopes and of possibilities. For some including myself, it is the beginning of the journey, the return of who you were before you became a couple.

Don’t get me wrong I am one of those people that was brought up to believe that marriage was everything, and for a while it was. In my case the while was short lived and for the best looking back, for me and my children. My relationship was abusive and did not support my personal growth.

I am now happily divorced and finding my way though single life again. It was strange to start but I am happy again and hopeful again. I have a smile on my face again.

The journey has not been easy, looking back it has all been worth it. I am now sharing my story to help you rediscover your fabulous self again. I am also a qualified mental health professional and will share the techniques I used to survive.

Life is for living don’t let it pass you by because of a relationship breakdown/Divorce!

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