Dealing With Uncertainty

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The first step to dealing with uncertainty is to accept that we can’t control everything, there is only so much you can do right now that makes you human. Things will unfold soon enough.

Then imagine the best: Being humans we try to spare ourselves disappointment by thinking through how things could go wrong. However research in cognitive behavioural therapy shows that people tend to overestimate the risk and negative consequences that may result from a situation. That leads to a lot of anxiety or worse, sets us up for failure.

When we start something by worrying about how it’s going to turn out it can be a self fulfilling prophecy. What we need to do instead is imagine the best possible scenario. When you do this you will feel more confident about where you are going. In turn you will feel calmer and clearer about where you are now. Which will help with decision making and boost the odds of success.

We also need to reflect and remember that we have faced uncertainty before. The psychological concept of “hindsight bias” says that we tend to create the illusion that everything in our past was certain, when in reality it was once uncertain. Instead take time to think and reflect on what helped us before.

Fear of the unknown can also trigger the fight or flight mechanisms in our bodies which can sometimes paralyse us. Instead remember to keep moving.

Finally see the possibilities because the reality is the future has not yet been written it’s still to play for.

Que Sera Sera. Whatever will be, Will be!!

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