Are You Worth It?

Sometimes life is just hard and i do not know about you, but some days i ask myself if what i am doing is even worth it and on really bad days if i am even worth it.

Well guess what? You are worth it .Yes YOU!! You are worth it and here’s why

1) Because You care

2) Because You make a difference

3) Because you are an advocate for growth

4) Because You put community over competition

5) Because You help others

6) Because You are different and that’s okay

7) Because You give it your all

The problem with self worth though, is not that others will challenge it. The problem with self worth is that we continuously challenge ourselves:

1) Am i good enough?

2) Do i deserve that much pay?

3) What if they think i am greedy?

4) What if they think i am a bargain and not take me seriously?

5)What if they reject me?

6) Worse yet what if they accept me but i fail to meet their needs?

But what if something goes right?!? You will never know if you do not give yourself a chance. I would rather try and be rejected than live thinking “what if” for the rest of my life. To go for it means to believe in yourself. It is impossible for you to own your self worth if you have not convinced yourself of what that is, regardless of others opinions.

If you want to be valuable you must not just think but believe that you are valuable. So remember you are worth it. You are worth the time out to pamper yourself. You are worth the money to get you something nice. 

Allow yourself to love yourself. It is hard trust me and it does not come easy, but once you learn that you are worth it, then you will thrive in every aspect of your life.

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